Growing up as “ girly girls” a trio of sisters that answered to just 1 name our last name, a trio that did everything together, and where you saw one you saw all three… We really were the 3 musketeers of our time…

Fast forward, 30 plus years and the entire above still holds true.

It’s only fitting that the 3 girly girls would open a women’s Clothing boutique, pay homage to their family name while staying firmly “attached” to each other 3SA is MORE than a family trio of sisters, we’re Women, Mothers, Daughters, Wives, were best friends!!!!!!!

From the moment you enter Three Strings Attached Boutique you instantly feel that family friendly vibe, an experience our customers have grown to appreciate and depend on. At 3SA we have an opportunity to express our personal creative style and edge and pass our diverse collection and sizes on to those that matter most… YOU. 3SA makes ok to be you, to re-live those childhood moments of playing dress up , making new friends , and setting dates when we do it all again

Welcome to our club house!
Rare Finds, Trendy designs, with you in mind..

S, T, R

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